Wild Bakery

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Stallholder Daragh and Trish Grier
SFM Since 2010
Type Baked Goods | Bread
Attends Weekly
Web http://wildbakery.weebly.com/

Wild Bakery is all about true flavours, wild fermentation and the enjoyment of real food.We believe the modern scourge of gluten intolerance is caused by bread that is risen quickly, without fermentation.

We want to bring bread back to its most basic, humblest origins, with long slow fermentation, and nothing added, where the gluten has had time to undergo a radical change - affecting the bread in a good way, instead of affecting our guts in a bad way!!

Try our sourdough breads, plus croissants, tarts and other freshly baked goodies at Subi Farmers Market every Saturday, as well as daily at our two bakeries - Wild Bakery, 390 South Tce South Freo, and Baker St Cottesloe, 44 Napoleon St Cottesloe.

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