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Stallholder Jim and Jan Turner
SFM Since 2011
Type Fruits and Vegetables | Organic
Attends Weekly
Web http://subifarmersmarket.com.au

At the TurnOrganic stall, we sell our broad range of Certified Organic vegetables, and aim to provide a comprehensive selection of fruits and vegies by including products that we can’t grow, from other Certified Organic growers from around the region and across the state.

I have been involved in agriculture all my life, growing up on the family farm, and now with my own farm in Harvey.

I became interested in Organic production in the late 90’s, and started looking into it and adopting some of the principles. Since then, I have seen a steady improvement in the soil life and structure, and growing great vegies is almost becoming routine. The greatest challenge is firstly understanding, and then working with your soil. Added vagaries include working with the weather and crop rotations add a little more integrity to the challenges!

I finally filled out the paperwork in 2006, and we became Certified with ACO in 2007. This was about the same time that Farmers Markets started becoming popular. We decided that this was a great option for marketing our products, and became involved. Initially with the establishment of the Peel Farmers Market, and now selling here at Subiaco every Saturday, and on 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday’s at Growers Green in Fremantle.

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