Laterite Ridge Free Range Eggs

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Stallholder Mat Longworth
SFM Since 2015
Type Eggs | Meat/Poultry
Attends Weekly
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Laterite Ridge is located 35km east of historic York in Western Australia and about 140 km from Perth. The property consists of 450 acres including 150 acres of native bush. Purchased as a bare block in 2006, initially a three thousand tree olive grove was planted on traditional 10 X 10 metre spacing. Chickens were introduced to help fertilise the olives and provide fertiliser for the vegetable growing and other parts of the farm. We currently focus on free range egg production with 3000 chickens spread over 10 hectares or less than 500 birds per hectare or one bird per 20 square metres. We use a range of different houses, some constructed from straw and others more conventional eco –shelters. We are currently experimenting with a range of management strategies to ensure low flock density free range can be economically viable and that the birds contribute to the health of the soils and the broader farm.

In addition to free range chickens we also have a small herd of Dexter Cattle, and traditional breed free range pigs in addition to producing spray free vegetables.

The entire farm is spray free and only uses natural fertilizers.

And yes there are laterite breakaways on the farm.

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