Carm Ol Produce

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Stallholder Linda Oliver
SFM Since 2009
Type Fruit | Meat/Poultry | Nuts
Attends Weekly

Located in Carmel in the Perth Hills, Carm-Ol Produce has been a labour-of-love for my children and I, who all help run the 21-acre property.

After planting for than 400 pecan nut trees more than 20 years ago with my late husband Chris, I have diversified the property over the years with passionfruit vines and free range chickens.

Carm-Ol Produce sells free range eggs and pecan nuts all year round and passion fruit, when in season.

When not on the property, you will see either me or my sons Michael, Robert or Brian at Sub Farmers Market selling the produce.

Carm-Ol Produce is also available at Farmers Market on Manning and Kalamunda Farmers Market.



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